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Endura - MAX

MAX (Raspberry - 330g)

Brand: Endura | Code: EMAX | Spec: 330.00 g


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  • Magnesium and Taurine to MAXimise Muscle Performance
  • Patented Form of Magnesium (Meta Mag™)
  • High Dose Taurine
  • May Relieve Cramps, Spasms and Associated Pain


Why Endura Max
Take Endura Max everyday to assist in maintaining normal muscle function alleviating the occurrence of muscle cramps and spasms.


Endura Max contains ingredients which may protect your body against the oxidative stress and damage of physical training.


Taurine may increase exercise performance by increasing VO2Max (maximal oxygen consumption), exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload.


Avoid Magnesium Deficiency
Endura Max contains a high dose of magnesium, an essential nutrient in the form of Meta Mag™. Meta Mag™ is a patented form of magnesium which is highly absorbable and should not cause gastric discomfort.


If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed.