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Wealthy Health - Colostrum

Colostrum (300 Tablets)

Brand: Wealthy Health | Code: CL300 | Spec: 300.00 Tabs


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Dairy Colostrum contains a variety of bio-active factors which enhance immune response and growth and is collected from the first few milkings after a cow has calved. Colostrum Tablets are manufactured from spray dried Colostrum powder which has been processed using a low-heat method to ensure the sensitive immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins are preserved.


Colostrum is a proven source of growth factors, amino acids and bioactive proteins to aid growth. It enhances and supports a healthy immune system. Colostrum is excellent for children who may be continually unwell or who are underweight for their age and exhibiting a failure to thrive.


In adults colostrum promotes stamina and endurance when the body is under added stress and extreme physical activities e.g. athletes training.


Colostrum can be used regularly to promote general well-being.


Directions for use

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Each tablet contains

730mg Round Tablet
168mg Bovine Colostrum
Powder of (20% IGG Equiv 33.6IGG) Guarantee