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Nature's Sunshine - Horsetail

Horsetail (100 Capsules)

Brand: Nature's Sunshine | Code: 11029 | Spec: 100.00 Caps


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Horsetail ( Equisetum arvense ) has a tradition of use as a urinary tract herb to aid bladder tone and support urinary tract mucous membrane health. A herbal remedy dating back to Ancient Roman and Greek Medicine times, the name Equisetum is derived from the Latin roots equs, meaning ‘horse,’ and seta, meaning ‘bristle.’


The plant's stems are rich in silica and silicic acids, an important protein found in connective tissue, skin, bone, cartilage, and ligaments.


Therapeutic Use

This herb has diuretic and astringent properties. It has traditionally been used in Europe for its ability to tone the organs of the urinary tract and soothe the bladder.


Active Ingredients

Each ‘preservative free’ capsule contains 360mg of Equisetum arvense herb powder.



For Adults: take three to four capsules with a meal three times daily.


For children aged 6-12 years: take one capsule with a meal twice daily.



  • Always read the label.
  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.