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Zinc Drops 50ml

Bioceuticals - Zinc Drops 50ml

Zinc Drops 50ml (Zinc Drops 50ml)

Brand: Bioceuticals | Code: B.ZINC.50 | Spec: 50.00

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Don't like tablets? These liquid zinc drops are easy to take and easy on the stomach! Need practitioner details | Login  | Register
Don't like tablets? These liquid zinc drops are easy to take and easy on the stomach!Liquid Zinc SupplementationServing Type: Oral Liquid Available In Sizes: 50mL oral liquid suspension Zinc is important for the maintenance of many body functions including immunity, healthy blood glucose levels, growth and development, healthy prostate and sperm, and antioxidant activity. It may also assist in the symptomatic relief of acne and in improving wound-healing. 
  • Uses a unique micro-encapsulation delivery system providing stability, smaller molecule size, higher bioavailability and faster absorption.
  • Remains in suspension - no settling to the base of the bottle.
  • Zinc is fundamental for normal healthy growth and development.
  • Integral to the normal healthy development and function of immune cells.
  • Zinc contributes to the structure and function of the brain and central nervous system.
  • Balances and supports normal male physiology and function.
  • Provides nutritional support to the structure and function of normal healthy sperm and prostate.
  • Provides nutritional support for the maintenance of normal healthy blood glucose levels.
  • People with increased needs for zinc may include adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly.
  • Vanilla flavoured.